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The Music Department of Jamshedpur Women’s University is constantly in the process of enhancing the skills of the students, thereby increasing their productivity and outputs. Keeping these things in mind, the Music Department has tried to bring innovation and start new courses from time to time. In this year 2022, the department has started special courses like “One year Certificate Course in Kathak Dance” & “One year Certificate Course in Guitar” which is job oriented keeping in view the objectives of the University. Music being a practical art, special attention is given to achieve excellence in performance not only among the students but also on the teachers.

Kathak, an Indian Classical dance form, helps to make the body of the individuals strong. The dance involves a lot of footwork, eye expressions and hand gestures. According to many studies, even the eye muscles get their proper exercise while giving the expressions or while practicing them. This dance also refreshes the body and is a good substitute for other exercises like Zumba, aerobics and so on.

Kathak helps you become a good team worker. While performing this dance, you will have to co-ordinate with your musicians and other co-performers. This helps in your ability to become a good team player. The virtues of coordination and teamwork and togetherness are also learnt while doing this dance. This is one of the big benefits of learning Kathak as very few other skills require such a high level of co-ordination among different participants.

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