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Food is the basic need of all living organisms. Everyone eats to get energy for surviving. Humans are the most advanced of all, hence we eat, not only for surviving but relishing too. Mushroom is one such delicious food item that is omnipresent in every menu. It is a great choice in terms of both taste and nutrition. Beta glucan is a form of soluble dietary fiber that is present in the fiber-rich, proteinaceous, low calorie food source- mushrooms which helps in boosting heart health. One advantage the food has is that, it is preferred by both the vegetarians and non- vegetarians. This food is derived from fungi. It is the fleshy spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground,on soil. Like other plant foods, mushrooms can also be cultivated.

Mushroom cultivation does not need vast fields, sowing, ploughing, irrigation, and other requirements like conventional cultivation. It just needs proper knowledge and command on the technique of growing mushrooms indoors. This is one of the most profitable businesses flourishing in recent times with potential markets available everywhere. A well organized course on the technique of growing mushrooms will definitely make one stand out from the crowd. Their skill can add a feather to their mushroom business.

The Certificate course is also open to all the students who are pursuing their undergraduate or postgraduate subjects in any stream- arts, science and commerce alongwith the other regular studies as an additional course. This is a small step towards the fulfilling of the SKILL INDIA MISSION ('Kaushal Bharat, Kushal Bharat'). Strength of India lies in Empowerment of Indian Women; more educated and well versed young indian women are the face of new India. Women entrepreneurs are the need of time. This is a one year certificate course which would provide the candidates- Theoretical/Practical knowledge, tips for intensive mushroom growth, guidance for further production in large scale and lifelong incentives of being a student of a reputed institute.

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All Streams (Arts/Science/ Commerce) (UG/PG) with 45%marks in the last exam.


3000/- Per Semester

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