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One year Certificate course in Plant Tissue Culture Technology offered by the Department of Biotechnology, Jamshedpur Women’s University, Jamshedpur. This course introduced students to currents aspects of plant Tissue culture technology used in Agriculture. Plant Tissue culture is an important tool for both basic and applied aspects of plant biotechnology as well as its commercial applications. As a technique widely known for the production of large numbers of genetically identical plantlets, this technology exhibits several advantages over conventional propagation techniques.

All techniques are skill based and upon systematic learning, can equip a person to effectively utilize the techniques in various areas like basic research, environmental issues and commercial applications. It is a valuable tool for research on morphogenesis, cell signaling, physiology, and molecular biology, as well as crop improvement by biotechnology. This course offers a comprehensive hands-on training for learning the basics with an insight to laboratory practices along with exposure to “lab-to-land” transfers.

The objective of the course is to provide basic and applied training in the subject for development of skills for a successful career in entrepreneurship, generate technically trained human resource for tissue culture industries and as instructors in schools and junior colleges. Benefits of Course: The course will be a value added course for BSc. Students. Entrepreneurs who wish to establish their own labs will be benefitted with the lab to land training; Researchers in plant tissue culture who have a focus on commercial applications such as crop improvement, secondary metabolite production, and various strategies for inducing genetic interference; persons who want to understand basic laboratory setup, handling of explant tissue, nutrient medium and establishing the culture, and incubation of cultures.

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Eligibility for Admission Bachelor’s Degree with any stream, Preference Given to B.Sc. Biotechnology or B.Sc. Botany with 45% Marks


3000/- Per Semester

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