Tender Notice

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105/03/2024Tender Notice Dated 05/03/2024New
213/02/2024Tender Dated 13/02/2024New
313/02/2024Tender Notice Dated 13/02/2024New
425/01/2024Notice Dated 24/01/2024New
520/01/2024Tender Notice Dated 20/01/2024New
610/01/2024Due to some technical reason, the last date of the tender bid has been extended up to 20-01-2024 by 3 pm.New
706/12/2023Tender Notice Dated 06/12/2023New
804/12/2023Tender Notice Dated 04/12/2023New
904/11/2023Tender Notice Dated 04/11/2023New
1010/08/2023Tender Notice Dated 10/08/2023New
1104/08/2023cancel tender noticeNew
1204/08/2023Sealed Quotations for Supply of the Sound Systems & EquipmentsNew
1303/08/2023Tender Notice Dated 03-08-2023.New
1402/08/2023Notice Dated 02/08/2023New
1528/06/2023Tender Cancellation NoticeNew
1616/06/2023Renovation of Boundary Wall Bistupur CampusNew
1714/06/2023Inviting Quotations for Supply Uniform of StudentsNew
1810/06/2023Sealed Quatations for Supply of musical InstrumentsNew
1912/05/2023Tender Notice03 Dated 12/05/2023New
2012/05/2023Tender Notice02 Dated 12/05/2023New
2112/05/2023Tender Notice01 Dated 12/05/2023New
2210/05/2023Tender Dated 10/05/2023New
2306/05/2023Tender Dated 06/05/2023New
2419/04/2023Notice Dated 19/04/2023New
2518/04/2023Quotation for Biometric Attendance MachineNew
2615/04/2023Extension of tender date for the principal residenceNew
2705/04/2023TENDER - Tender for confidential printing services.New
2823/03/2023Tender Notice for University Guest House last date 11/4/2023.New
2904/03/2023Quotation Dated 04-03-2023.New
3001/03/2023Tender Notice Dated 01-03-2023.New
3128/02/2023Empanelment of firms for the purchase of Text Books , E Journals, Reference Books, Encyclopedia for the University.New
3227/02/2023Tender Notice Dated 27-02-2023.New
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